Julien Déray

Julien Déray

Senior Engineering Manager @ SwissBorg

Results-oriented Senior Engineering Manager with a strong background in back-end development. Proven track record of building and leading agile engineering teams in fast-paced startup environments. Skilled in implementing agile methodologies and driving lean, sustainable processes to deliver business-critical projects within challenging timeframes. Effective communicator and team player, adept at managing engineers and collaborating with key stakeholders. Passionate about cultivating a culture of incremental releases and sustainable development, guiding teams in adopting agile methodologies and fostering continuous improvement.

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Author of "How I planned my wedding with Scrum"

If you are curious about agile methodologies and Scrum particularly, I used the organisation of my wedding as an excuse to play a bit with these concepts and get back to the fundamentals that make the framework. In the book, I explain this journey and go through the ins and outs of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto in this original context.

Agilistes: a podcast about Agile Methodologies (French)

With Pierre Féray-Ferrand we exchange monthly about our agile problematics, practices and tools.

Personal Blog

Check out my blog where I mostly talk about Kanban best practices and personal productivity tools.

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